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We offer clients a number of free and paid options to allow you to download our dropship product data and to quickly upload new products into your shopping cart software. Two different file formats of our product CSV file are available to you.   A summary of those files is available below.   In addition to product data files, we also offer you a product image zip file (if you want to upload images to your own server).   You can also use the image URLs in the product data files.   In addition, we offer an inventory CSV file that contains all inventory data for all of our products.   Lastly, a discontinuted items CSV file is available that includes all items that have been permenently removed from our program.   Product data is automatically updated within 1 hour of us making any changes on our website. Inventory data is updated every 30 minutes.

In addition to our free tools, we also offer an optional, paid Shopify CSV file for clients that are using the Shopify webstore software for their online stores.   Our Shopify CSV file is formatted as required by Shopify to upload 100s of our products into your Shopify store in just a few minutes.   To see more about our Shopify CSV file you can visit our Shopify dropship datafeed page.



This product csv file is based on the format of data required for upload to a Yahoo Store (Yahoo Merchant Solutions) website. It is also a great simple feed format that can be manipulated for many shopping carts. This file contains a single spreadsheet row for each "master product". Options (sizes of t-shirts) are listed in the "options" column. If you use this file, we strongly recommend uploading daily inventory data to your website as well. Inventory data is available by downloading our "inventory.csv" file (see below).

Products Yahoo CSV - Download File

Products-Yahoo.csv File Help Documentation


This file differs from the "Products-Yahoo.csv" format above in a number of ways.

  • Each size of t-shirt (each sku) has it's own individual row in the file.

  • Related skus have the same "GROUP ID" in the file. For example, SKUs for sizes small, medium, large and x-large of the same t-shirt will all have the same "GROUP ID" but a different sku for each size.

  • UPC data is included.

  • Inventory data for each SKU is included directly in this file. There is no need to also use the separate inventory file below to track inventory.

Products Multiplied CSV - Download File

Products-Multiplied.csv File Help Documentation


The "" file allows you to download a zip file containing high-resolution product images to your computer. Their file name matches data in the product csv files. To view the files, you will need to unzip and extract the image files to your computer. You can then upload the images from your computer to your website.

Images Zip File - Download Image Zip File


The product inventory file is automatically updated hourly (at the top of the hour). This file also includes UPC data for many products. We suggest you upload this file daily (at a minimum) to your shopping carts to keep accurate inventory numbers in your stores. This file is on a static URL for download so scripting is also a great automation option.

Inventory CSV File - Download File


Our discontinued items dropship CSV file contains the product name, sku and date the item was discontinued from our product catalog. These items are permanent deletions and we do not expect them back in stock. After items have been discontinued for 4 weeks, they will be completely removed from our inventory CSV file (and all other product catalogs).

Discontinued Items CSV File - Download File

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