$8.99 / MONTH

The cost to access our products, fullfillment services, product data and inventory data is $8.99 per month.

You will be charged this fee each month after you sign up for our membership. Please note that we do not charge any "per order dropship fees" in our program. Dropship product pricing can be viewed by downloading one of our product CSV (spreadsheet) on our datafeeds and tools page . You can see shipping costs on our shipping information page. Accounts can be cancelled at anytime. There is no contract.

Ready to get started? You can apply for a new account here and we'll follow up shortly with additional information.



Our enterprise partners include some of the biggest names in the retail music merchandising industry. Our dropship program was developed for mid to large established online retailers. For industry-leading retailers or large media, content or publishing companies in the music industry, please contact us for additional benefits and services of our program. We offer extremely competitive product pricing, support, shipping policies, datafeeds and tools. Please note, that this program is only available to retailers in the United States and Canada.

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